Menopause Yoga (MY) workshops support women in their 40s and 50s going through menopause, specifically addressing the many symptoms that occur during the different stages of menopause.  Bringing together Western medical science and Eastern wellbeing in a holistic way to guide women through all stages of menopause.

MY has been created after years of research by fully qualified and experienced yoga teacher Petra Coveney who is also a member of the British Menopause Society. Her Menopause Yoga Teacher Training programme has been accredited by both the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) and Yoga Alliance (YA). MY has been developed with the support of Dr Louise Newson, recognised as one of the UK’s leading menopause experts. 

As a Menopause Yoga accredited teacher I offer workshops that provide:

  • A group experience that is also a deeply personal experience for each woman

  • Opportunity for discussion, shared experiences and support in a confidential group - participation optional.

  • Fact based information on what is happening during the menopause, what symptoms may occur and why. 

  • Fact based information on HRT

  • Guidance on natural remedies, nutrition, Indian Ayurveda and medical approaches to hormone replacement.

  • A specially adapted yoga practice with breathing techniques and mindful meditation exercises to help manage the main symptoms such as hot flushes, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, fatigue, lack of focus and low mood.

  • A workshop handout with 'take-home' versions of what we cover in the workshops, along with additional information on where else women can get information and support managing their symptoms.

Am I menopausal?

As every woman’s experience of menopause is different, there are a wide range of symptoms that could indicate that you’re entering the perimenopause or menopause. To make things even more confusing, these symptoms can come and go as your hormone levels change. Symptoms can begin many years before the menopause (peri menopause stage) and can last many years after the menopause (post menopause stage).

Female Bust
  • Physical Symptoms can include: Heart Palpitations • Difficulty in sleeping • Feeling tired or lacking in energy • Feeling dizzy or faint • Headaches • Tinnitus • Dry mouth and eyes • Sore gums • Muscle and joint pains • Breathing difficulties • Needing a wee more often, or having leaks of urine • Vaginal dryness, soreness • More thrush, cystitis episodes • Dry or itchy skin • Thinning hair • Poor sleep.

  • Psychological Symptoms can include:• Low mood • Anxiety • Feeling tense or nervous • Memory problems • Attacks of anxiety or panic • Difficulty concentrating • Loss of interest in most things • Feeling unhappy or depressed • Crying spells • Irritability • Mood swings • Loss of confidence • Reduced self-esteem • Brain fog • Loss of interest in sex and/or level of arousal

  • Vasomotor Symptoms can include: (it’s a heat regulation thing) • Hot flushes • Sweating at night

MY Workshops
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Many women feel isolated and alone when they go through menopause so the MY workshops provide a sense of Community (Sangha). These workshops are an enjoyable way to share your experiences with other women, laugh and embrace the changes while also learning from each other.​

You will learn yoga poses, breathing techniques and mindful meditation practises to manage your main menopause symptoms, and take away useful information about natural remedies, nutrition, Ayurveda and medical approaches to HRT.