November Blog Pt 2 - When you're just not feelin' it.

What if you're just not feeling it, experiencing a 'lack' of aliveness.....

Last week typing up the blog for November was my biggest challenge so far. I usually make notes throughout the previous weeks when I have moments of inspiration or use my journal for inspiration, gathering content for the next blog over a period of weeks. Yet the week I actually needed to type it up..... I felt anything but alive. None of the words resonated like they had done in previous weeks. I decided I was just having an off few days, having had a challenging and tiring weekend also feeling the squeeze of trying to work and be there for the children whilst they are off school.

However this feeling has lasted more than a few days, so much so that some of my personal self care habits have slipped. I missed a day meditating and the other days have been brief as I've given up before the timer went off. I've struggled to formulate my lessons for next week, so much so that i didn't film anything yesterday.... so now have some catching up to do! All of which contributes to feeling less and less ALIVE.

As I struggled to get out of bed again this morning it occurred to me that the dark mornings are not helping my mood and wondered whether the clocks going back could be having some effect on my lack of aliveness this week.

Going to the trusty internet, I discover that 'yes' it really is a thing and lots of people experience feelings of depression when the clocks go back. It's a symptom of SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) I have heard of this but never experienced it before. So I wondered why perhaps it has hit me this year . I think maybe because this year has been so different, my joy of spending vast amounts of time outside since March, more than ever before, has maybe meant that I am missing it more. Even my two mid week runs have been in the dark this week, my running buddy and I have had to get up early to be back before her husband goes to work, so the children aren't on their own.

So, I felt it was important to add this post update because there may be more of you also experiencing these symptoms and my blog on ALIVENESS wouldn't have resonated with you AT ALL.

If that's you, don't panic, the November classes are all about cultivating opportunities for aliveness. however you're feeling it's ok.

I appreciate the evening classes will feel harder to get out to - I felt it too this week, but you know you'll feel better for attending.

See you in class lovelies and make sure you get out side for a does of fresh air and daylight today!

Namaste 🙏🏻


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