Ostara, Spring Equinox blessings 🙏 (part 1)

On this special day of the year, night and day are equal lengths, representing a general theme of balance for this regenerative celebration Ostara.

I am really drawn to to the wheel of the year, it is a wonderful way to mark and celebrate the cycles of the seasons, and provides us with opportunities to stop, reflect and make intentions.

It's so easy to be busy-busy, to feel like time is flying too fast. When we are this busy, we are distracted and ungrounded. Paying less attention, we lose connection.

I like when I notice or am drawn to things, noticing what I notice, where I am open to flow or where I am resistant. If I am busy I may never know the significance or meaning of these things but if I take time to pause, reflect, settle my busy mind, my intuitive mind/deeper wisdom/universal guidance, whatever you want to call it, can be heard.

I've been in a busy mind state just recently, but I paused this morning to mark Ostara, and i kinda laughed out loud. The things i have been noticing over the last week I realise now have almost been shouting at me furiously! To stop and hear that deeper wisdom telling me what I needed. It makes more sense now and words flowed effortlessly into my journal this morning.

This image was taken whilst walking earlier this week, I was instantly drawn to the markings, feeling it was significant but wasn't sure why. Over this week I kept being drawn back to this photo but no words or wisdom surfaced. All week I have been seeing mirrored numbers, I mean LOTS. 17.17 has appeared and reappeared, 12.12, 14.14, 21.21 and so on, more and more in the last few days. I was curious but as they were different numbers a lot of the time I didn't feel there was any specific significance.

But then last night I realised it was the diamond shapes that were drawing me to the image, so I read up on the symbolism of the rhombus shape and things started clicking into place, my curiosity with shadows this week, the mirrored numbers appearing daily and today the Spring Equinox, balance.

'The rhombus shape consists of two triangles, one downward (yin) and one upward pointed (yin).'

'The geometric symbol represents the inner focus that a human being needs to hold onto his life task during his time on earth. That task being to reinstall balance within self between yin and yang energy, and to reflect that inner balance into the outer world.'

To honor both the light and the dark without attachment to the outcome.

For an interesting deeper understanding of this symbol visit

I will be honoring the earth quality of spring, getting my hands connected to the earth, nourishing the soil, removing invasive weeds and planting seeds. This work is both physical in nature but will also be mirrored in my personal mental/emotional/spiritual work.

Recognising without the dark I'd have no strong roots from which to grow into the light.


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